Biff Bam Booza

Rocket Red is a small guitar-playing ant with a big dream… AND a big problem.

Join Rocket Red’s journey in this funny, punny, action-packed tale of determination, friendship, teamwork, and the power of music.

Sing along with Rocket Red and the Lucky Bug Band

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Teach Kids to DREAM BIG!

Red dreams of being a rock star. Encourage children to believe in themselves. No matter how small they may be, with perseverance they can achieve big dreams! They can even change the world.

A Lesson in Friendship

Reinforce the importance of friendship. Red’s friends believe in his dreams. When he needs their help, they show up for him in a big way!

Filled with Fun Puns and Word Play

As kids read about Red’s fANTastic journey, they can count all the ants throughout the story.